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T ourism chiefs in the Maldives have been falling over themselves in recent months to reassure travellers that - despite anti-government protests and the imposition of a state of emergency - their country is safe to visit. And no wonder. No nation on Earth is as reliant on your money as this idyllic Indian Ocean archipelago.

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To offer some perspective, just 3. In the British Virgin Islands, for example, tourism accounts for In Aruba it is Belize, Fiji, Cambodia and Barbados also make the top The country in Europe most reliant on tourism is Malta A few of those destinations most reliant on tourism do appear to be diversifying their economies. In , for example, the WTTC reported figures of But for others the dependence is growing.

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In the Seychelles it has risen from At the other end of the scale, tourism barely registers on the balance sheet for many national economies. The Democratic Republic of Congo reports the lowest figure - 0. Russia, where tourism accounts for just 1. Remarkably, Syria 6.

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Reliance on tourism doesn't go hand-in-hand with vast visitor numbers. Vanuatu, for example, is ninth on the list but welcomes a little over 30, visitors a year mostly cruise passengers. Of the world's 10 most visited countries, Thailand is the most dependent on your money 9. The dependence on tourism in the Maldives is further illustrated by the fact that annual tourists outnumber residents by around three to one around 1.

It doesn't appear in the WTTC's report, but it's safe to assume that tourism makes up a fair chunk of its economy. The data refers to international tourism, where the traveler's country of residence differs from the visiting country. International tourism consists of inbound arrival and outbound departures tourism.

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The data on inbound and outbound tourists refer to the number of arrivals and departures, not to the number of people traveling. The data on inbound tourism show the arrivals of nonresident tourists overnight visitors at national borders.

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When data on international tourists are unavailable or incomplete, the data show the arrivals of international visitors, which include tourists, same-day visitors, cruise passengers, and crew members. Statistical Concept and Methodology: Statistical information on tourism is based mainly on data on arrivals and overnight stays along with balance of payments information. These data do not completely capture the economic phenomenon of tourism or provide the information needed for effective public policies and efficient business operations.

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Data are needed on the scale and significance of tourism. Information on the role of tourism in national economies is particularly deficient.

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Although the World Tourism Organization reports progress in harmonizing definitions and measurement, differences in national practices still prevent full comparability. Arrivals data measure the flows of international visitors to the country of reference: each arrival corresponds to one in inbound tourism trip. In an accounting period, arrivals are not necessarily equal to the number of persons travelling when a person visits the same country several times a year, each trip by the same person is counted as a separate arrival. Arrivals data should correspond to inbound visitors by including both tourists and same-day non-resident visitors.

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All other types of travelers such as border, seasonal and other short-term workers, long-term students and others should be excluded as they do not qualify as visitors. Data are obtained from different sources: administrative records immigration, traffic counts, and other possible types of controls , border surveys or a mix of them. If data are obtained from accommodation surveys, the number of guests is used as estimate of arrival figures; consequently, in this case, breakdowns by regions, main purpose of the trip, modes of transport used or forms of organization of the trip are based on complementary visitor surveys.

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