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Most people including Okonkwo do not accept the new religious and social order brought by the British missionaries. Similarly, most of the villagers are also caught in the struggle between the social and religious changes and their traditions of society.

They are pondering over the dilemma of whether to accept the new reality or stick to their old-fashioned way of thinking. When Okonkwo kills a messenger, the silence resulting from some natives is based on the fact that they are ready to accept transformations.

The Struggle Between Tradition and Change

Masculinity and its demonstration are considered a virtue in the African villages as shown in this novel. Okonkwo stresses much upon masculinity that he is often ashamed at his own father who was a musician and lazy instead of being an active and a violent man. That is why he does not like his son, Nwoye who is peaceful and compares him to Ikemefuna who is more courageous. It is also that when others fail, to prove his masculinity he kills Ikemefuna. He then encourages himself after that during his self-reflection when his conscience makes him feel guilty.

Essay Character Analysis of Okonkwo in Things Fall Apart

He also berates his ancestors for avoiding bloodshed and anger. Although Achebe has tried to insert Igbo words in English, it seems he has accepted the imperialism of language. The English Language has been termed superior through Mr. Brown and another missionary who speaks English and has spread English as a medium of religious preaching and administrative work. Whenever a local wants to assert his superiority, he speaks English.

However, at the same time, Achebe has also made it clear through the words of Igbo that the native language is untranslatable and is complex and transparent just like English. Achebe has used the form of a novel to record the life and social norms and traditions of the Igbo people before the arrival of the white men.

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He has outlined their norms of masculinity, and social fabric plausibly through the character of Okonkwo, his wives, his ancestors, and his son. Even Okonkwo himself is the epitome of the strength in the Igbo society. You can get this essay on your email. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible.

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Okonkwo Essay

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