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Consumer behavior is social science that involves marketing, psychology, sociology, ethnography, behavioral economics, and anthropology. The concept of consumer behavior involves intentions, decisions, and actions connected with purchasing goods and services, using them, and disposal activities.


In essence, any behavior associated with purchasing anything can be considered as consumer behavior. When we investigate consumer behavior, the topics of research include, but are not limited to:.

In the market environment, customers seek to purchase goods and services to meet their needs, while sellers strive to develop marketing strategies that would be the most impactful in motivating consumers to buy. That being said, marketing strategies are often designed to make the product more appealing to customers by influencing emotions and feelings.

Consumer psychology examples include the ways in which marketing campaigns influence consumer behavior.

Appealing to customers by making a marketing campaign touching, emotional, or funny, are all examples of consumer psychology. Let us consider several examples of consumer psychology, both good and bad, to get a better understanding of how marketing manipulates feelings of customers.

100 Hot Consumer Behavior Essay Topics

This campaign was tied to the Winter Olympics and promoted inclusion, diversity, and family values. One of the most notable marketing failures of the s is, without a doubt, Pepsi commercial in The ad exploited unity, freedom, and diversity as a way to communicate to every customer, depicting a carbonated soda as an element equally important as protest, democracy, and equality.

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An attempt to manipulate customer feelings was so obvious that the ad was taken down after a severe backlash. Social issues have been gaining a lot of attention in the apparel industry in the past couple of years, so the CSR policies of clothing brands have been under scrutiny. This study investigates how CSR communication can help constructing a consumer perception of legitimacy.

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An online survey was used to assess consumer perceptions of respondents. A quantitative analysis using, among others, ANOVA tests, showed the importance of transparency, non-controllable channels and moralistic justifications in CSR communication in the apparel industry.

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  • These conclusions can assist clothing brands in making decisions based on consumer preferences for their CSR communication and serve as an exploratory basis for future academic research. Mosterdijk