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University of Leeds; Jemmett-Smith, B. Flood prediction and mitigation in data sparse environments.

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University of Durham; Sanyal, J. Newcastle University. Martin, I. Non-parametric and semi-parametric regional modeling of the ionospheric vertical total electron content using ground-based GPS observations. Microplate kinematics, intraplate deformation and sea level rise in Europe. University of Arizona; Buble, G.

Statistical analysis of ionospheric total electron content. University of Bath; Katamzi, Z. Towards centimetre level real-time kinematic GNSS single point precise positioning. Newcastle University; Miller, I.

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Up-scaling of peatland methane emission estimates from small to large scales. University of Edinburgh; Mohammed, A. Using sea-level and land motion data to develop an improved glacial isostatic adjustment model for the British Isles. Durham University; Bradley, S. Addressing the problem of land motion at tide gauges. University of South Florida; Doran, K. A low-cost remote sensing system for agricultural applications. Aston University; Shuib, S. An assessment of the quality of GPS water vapour estimates and their use in operational meteorology and climate monitoring.

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University of Nottingham; Jones, J. University of Nottingham; Leighton, J.

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Evaluating the role of grass buffer strips in arable catchments. University of Plymouth; Pillidge, S. Integration of geometric city models and GNSS for the simulation and modelling of availability and multipath, paving the way for new applications. University College London; Bradbury, J.

Post-project monitoring and evaluation of river rehabilitation projects in the UK and Japan. University of Leeds; Aberg, U. Sounding the Earth's atmospheric water vapour using signals emitted by Global Navigation Satellite Systems.

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University of Melbourne; Kealy, A. Contributions to the foundations of a safety case for the use of GNSS in railway environments. University College London; Stolagiewicz, A. Development of azimuth dependent tropospheric mapping functions, based on a high resolution mesoscale numerical weather model, for GNSS data processing. University of Nottingham; Orliac, E. Politecnico di Milano; Caldera, S. Mechanisms of coastal erosion in Devensian tills on the East Yorkshire Coast.

University of Leeds; Quinn, J. Palaeosalinity change in the Taw Estuary, south-west England: response to late Holocene river discharge and relative sea-level change. University of Exeter; Havelock, G. The value of different modelling approaches to investigate estuarine morphodynamics.

University College Cork; Cronin, K. An investigation into the capability of hyperspectral data to monitor buried pipeline remediation. Newcastle University; White, D. Creating a 2-layer tomographic model for ionospheric recovery using GPS. Newcastle University; Al-Shammari, R. Cranfield University; Farmer, E. University of Nottingham; Taha, A. Spaceborne receivers in a relative navigation system based on RTK technology.

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Imperial College London; Jie, B. Development of plant communities on restored salt marshes. University of East Anglia; Mossman, H. Experimental investigation of ionospheric plasma electron density by the incoherent scatter method in quiet and disturbed conditions. University of Glamorgan; Jing, L. The development of a 3-pass persistent scatterer algorithm using the integer ambiguity search method. University of Nottingham; Warren, M. Modelling forest landscape dynamics in Glen Affric, Scotland. University of Aberdeen; Richards, M.

Improved ionospheric correction for dual frequency and differential GPS positioning methods. University of Leeds; Nagarajoo, K. Imperial College London; Bhatti, U. Connect with the University of Nottingham through social media and our blogs. Campus maps More contact information Jobs. Home What's happening? Graduate Centres Funding and mobility Placements Training and development. Public engagement. Print Email this Page.


Search this Section. Book your place and join us at the live event! Presenters have a maximum of three minutes to pitch their research and can only use one slide. How to Apply Nottingham Competition Submit your entry Moodle Create and upload a simple 3 minute 'talking-head' style video and word research summary.