Creative writing lesson plans for high school

12 Lesson Plans for Teaching Writing to Secondary Students

When I was a young…. Consider the importance of evidence and action as the next steps of a protest. Expand protest signs to serve as pillars of an imaginary election campaign or use protest signs as an inspiration for a short piece of fiction….

Creative Writing Lesson Plan/Script

I dealt with this resistance in a variety of ways, including reaching into other disciplines to bring in vocabulary words for review and practice in poetic form…. Students may use search engines on their devices, a classroom computer, or, if a more analog strategy is desired, any nearby books that….

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Reading Texts as a Prelude to Analysis Lesson Plans July 22, by Jason DeHart As a teacher in an undergraduate composition course for incoming freshmen, one of the great joys I have experienced is setting the stage for analytical writing with a variety of reading experiences. The Craft of Curriculum Come here if you want to talk shop about curriculum design. The Art of Instruction Come here if you want to talk shop about instructional strategies.

Lesson Blueprints Come here if you want ready-to-use classroom materials. Something to make them cry? Consider having your class vote on the top three pieces and printing them to give to the graduates.

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Students always perk up for an authentic audience and a connection to the real world. Introduce them to one of the many free blogging platforms and let them blog about a topic that truly interests them. Choice blogging makes a great genius-hour option. You can devote one day a week or every other week to letting students write about their passions on their own blogs, simply by assigning a different topic each week. Start with list posts, review posts, news posts, video posts, and top-ten posts.

Eventually, you can let them choose their own format, as long as they produce a post each week. Ask each student to begin a story on a blank piece of paper, introducing a main character.

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After a while, have them stop and fold their paper then trade with another student. You want the next person to only be able to see the last couple of lines of the beginning.

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  • In this next round, everyone will write the middle of the story, taking the character into some kind of conflict before moving the story toward resolution. Finally, have those students fold their papers so only a few lines are visible and trade with another student.

    When the next writers begin, let them know that they should bring the stories to an end. Then they should return the story to the original writer.

    A creative writing activity: A dark and stormy night | TeachingEnglish | British Council | BBC

    The results will no doubt make everyone laugh. This is a great activity for when students need a bit of a break but you still want to keep them writing and building community in your classroom. This writing assignment is not for the faint of heart!