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In a bid to provide my vision for and of India in the 21st century, I put forward my perception, views and opinions under different topics. In economic field, I hope India will make great progress. Agriculture will make a rapid advance, generating enough surplus and providing food for everyone.

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Certainly the industrial development will have a balanced look providing work for everyone and at the same time bringing prosperity and sustained development for our natural resources. And there will be no more rise of population. Often our political leaders lack 'political will' and work in a petty and partisan manner.


Still I am hopeful, by that time democracy will be strengthened in India and it will give rise to true statesmen who will further take ahead my vision of India and each aspect of the Directive Principles of our Constitution will be fulfilled. The most important part of the human resource development is meaningful education for all.

I hope by that time India will develop an advanced and relevant education system taking care of the needs of all the aspects of the society. I am sure India by that time will be able to take care of the health needs of all its citizen and Right to Education will achieve its target.

India A Vision For India in the 21st Century by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

By that time no politician or political part will be allowed to exploit caste, region, language or ethnicity for their political gain. Every individual as an electorate will have the right to dismiss the representative from the state assembly, local governing bodies and parliaments at the half way mark of the term of office, if found and proved guilty of malpractice. However, in such issues the majority of the opinion of aggrieved individuals will have the valid decree to decide the above dismissal. Individuals will have the right to nominate a person of extraordinary abilities in the legislature, even if the said Individual does not contest the elections.

Individuals will have the right to exercise the vote through the mail, telephone and other media e. Electorate will have the right of information from Government, legislatures, except for top secret information.

The top-secret information will be de-classified after pre-determined period unless and otherwise expressly re-classified. Terrorism and insurgency perpetrated by both internal and external elements has reduced to a great deal, courtesy the sterling work carried out by an able, transparent and corruption-free Government of India.

India is now a military superpower, boasting of a highly skilled, motivated armed force. Her military prowess becomes unmatched, with countries such as the USA, Russia and Israel requesting India to aid them design complex defense systems etc. Consequently, terrorism has almost been obliterated as these nations have finally seen sense.

India Vision 2020

Peace thus, became their only way out of poverty. In some of the areas like software technology, genetic engineering and space, although India has made rapid advances, we still have to be dependent on the developed nations for several technologies. I have a vision that in coming times, India will emerge as one of the world leaders in science and technology.

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Our development in this field will also take care of our real needs and will reach to the common people. Our developed industrial and scientific base will also be able to check brain-drain. It will also help in protecting our environment and sustaining our resource base. India's policy has always been one of brotherhood and co-existence. Unless a nation is able to defend its borders and integrity, all other developments are of no use.

APJ Abdul Kalam: 'We have to transform India in five areas where India has core competence'

The year, , is not far away and time alone will tell. The book is worth reading. Read the wikipedia article on this book here. Books Author Dr. India is also available in Kannada, Malayalam and Assamese. India Vision An unique book which unfolds a vision for Developed India by using technologies triggering economic and social development. Reviews " Best selling book, paper back also available Many reprints since first published in

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