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Some 75, ethnic Kachin displaced persons and refugees are in desperate need of food, medicine, and shelter, Human Rights Watch said. In Burma, the Burmese army have been attacking villages, razed homes, pillaged properties, and forcing the displacement of tens of thousands of people. The soldiers…. Hughes1 Trafficking in Humans It is estimated by the U. Government that there are between two and four million victims of human trafficking around the world.

Of these millions, eighty percent are women and over half are under the age of eighteen.

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The United States contributes between , and , victims per year. The human trafficking industry is growing so quickly it is difficult to obtain a more accurate estimate on the number of victims. According to the United States Government…. The first being slavery which is where someone is forced or coerced into working or providing certain services without getting paid. Human trafficking is much like slavery but with the worst form dealing with…. Human Trafficking Research Human trafficking has become a major problem worldwide which affects many people.

An estimated hundred millions women and children. Some forms of migration are forced as is in the case of human trafficking. Human trafficking is a major concern for other country and here in the USA. In the year in the month of February in Boko Haram a French family of 7 was took from their home including 4 kids who was between the ages of 5 to 12 and was made slave….

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The crime is the exact same as one another. But it is true that there is more effort put into trafficking than in slavery back then. Technology and more input of knowledge plays a part in human trafficking. Men, women and children of both sexes are sold…. Login Join. Home Page Human Trafficking Essays. Open Document. Sadly, all those people would be very wrong. When picturing slavery, most people think about Africans being brought over on ships and being bought to work in the cotton and tobacco fields or as house maids in Colonial America.

The truth is, there are still slaves of all skin tones and backgrounds all over the world today. How can this be, one might ask? The law must hold doctors accountable for not keeping the records of organ trafficking. Organ trafficking is the trade of human organs, tissues, cells and other parts of the body for the aim of transplantation. The shortage of organs due to high demand and less supply has chiefly given rise to organ trafficking.

India is a developing country and we are all aware that poverty and over population in India are major problems. They give rise to many criminal activities and one of this is organ trafficking. In some regions people are even deprived of basic health care facilities where as in other regions the medical science has advanced so much that even human organs are traded for personal benefits, any which ways poor and vulnerable groups of our society are exploited. The high demand and low supply of organs in India and transplant tourism has given rise to organ trafficking.

Only some percent of people can afford transplant and even if one can afford, finding the matching donor is difficult. As per law only some relatives from the family are allowed to donate the organ to the one in need which further decreases the number of potential donors. The gap between demand and supply thus gives rise to organ trafficking crimes. India had legal organ trading market before Transplantation of Human Organs Act was passed in High demand and low cost gave rise to global business and India became one of the major kidney transplant centers in the world.

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There are so many incidents of such crimes that happen in India. While in some cases the victims donate their organs for money to pay off debts or to meet other financial needs, in other cases people are kidnapped and forced to give away their organs. It is a shocking truth that often small children are kidnapped for organ removal and are also killed sometimes. Every year there are several cases in which the dead bodies are found with missing organs. The human organ transplantation cannot take place without the knowledge of the medical field and this clearly means that learned people like doctors are also involved in the organ trade.

In many medical firms doctors remove kidneys of people without their knowledge or at very less payment and transplant it to high paying patients to fill their pockets. With implementation of laws for the prevention of organ trafficking, issues like poverty and lack of education also need serious attention to prevent such crimes. The trafficking of human organs, tissues and other parts of the body for the purpose of transplantation is known as organ trafficking. The global demand of healthy human organs for transplantation is rising and the supply is comparatively quite low.

Organs like kidney, lungs, heart, pancreas are removed with the donors will or forcefully for the purpose of transplantation. All the organs are not valued equally as the organ price depends on how prone it is to failure and how easily it can be transplanted. The value of organ also depends on the demand and supply factor, for e. People off course meet their demand through black market Red market, the term coined by Scott Carney to describe the commercial transactions of human body parts and are ready to pay higher amount for the illegal transplants.

While in other cases human trafficking victims are forced to give away the organs and are not paid at all. This has up surged the crime of child trafficking. The innocent children become the victims of such a terrifying trade which is the ugliest fact. The term transplant tourism refers to the trade of a transplant organ abroad that also includes access to an organ while avoiding the rules and laws of any country involved. Transplant tourism is a major concern as it involves the transfer of organs in the same direction depleting the regions from where the organs are supplied.

The supply either occurs from south to north, from developing to developed countries and the likes. The demand for organs in the developed countries is rising much faster than the supply of organs available nationally. The organs are thus purchased from the trade markets of developing countries to meet the demand and the criminal groups in developing countries supply organs for higher profits.

People also travel to other countries for organ transplantation or in some cases the victims have to travel abroad for organ transplant.

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Organ trafficking is the global issue that needs to be prevented. The issue of organ trafficking is debated by a wide range of scholars. Another damaging aspect of human trafficking is the transformation of female victims into exploitive traffickers themselves as their conscience is marred by the luxuries provided by instant cash. It is imperative to realize that prostitutes are not criminals, but victims of the society that has allowed prostitution.

The unjust, age-old practice of bonded labor, where labor is provided as a means of repayment of loan with very little or no pay, is predominantly prevalent in developing countries. Descent and caste-based discrimination, poverty, illiteracy and lack of government welfare schemes lie at the heart of this contemporary form of slavery. A kind of descent-based slavery exists in Nigeria where women and young girls are sold as unofficial wives known as wahaya and subject to domestic and sexual slavery.

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In India, bonded labour is justified on the grounds of caste system, i. What saddens us is the reluctance on the part of our government to acknowledge the large-scale existence of this practice. Many, including public officials, hold the prejudiced view that this is a social phenomenon exclusive to villages, and can be overlooked despite a legislation that abolishes this system. The textile mills in Tamil Nadu, a southern state of India, mask a modern kind of slavery in the form of Sumangali scheme, whereby daughters of low caste families unknowingly fall prey to bondage in return for a wedding advance.

As the journey towards wedding bliss turns out to be a torturous one, one cannot help but marvel at how exploiters have left no stone unturned in their mission to take advantage of the needy. The condition of domestic servants, including children, is horrible, as they are made to work for hours, with minimal food and routinely subject to physical abuse. Foreign domestic workers, especially in the Middle East, are constantly intimidated by powerful brokers and face severe legal and financial hurdles if they dare to escape from their employers. One of the ugliest manifestations of debt bondage is forced child labor seen in mining, beedi, silk, and carpet industries of India and as camel jockeys in United Arab Emirate [UAE] countries.

Children are gullible and can be easily threatened or manipulated.

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They are forced to take up their parents' responsibility of repayment of debt and are unfairly denied education during their nurturing years. In war torn countries, children are abducted and made to join militias. These child soldiers are robbed of their childhood, are transformed into savage animals, and are brainwashed into believing killing is right. Organ trafficking is a relatively new misdemeanor which has plagued the world.

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Demand for human organs far exceeds the supply resulting in surfacing of conniving middlemen or agents who scheme with unscrupulous medical professionals to cheat the poor. These people are unaware of the medical consequences of organ donation and give their consent out of desperate need for money. Human trafficking is more or less a structured industry with both demand and supply sides. Restricting demand, i.

Countries can collaborate to form a uniform database for information on human trafficking. Embassies should become victim friendly.