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Perceptions were measured based on a four point Likert-type scale, indicating mean values with a range from 3.

It was based on these findings that the researcher recommended this study be replicated with a larger sample size to further determine the influence that quality of plan has on perceptions of succession planning. In addition, the researcher recommended that organizations that provide consulting services, professional development and support to family businesses, such as family owned business centers connected with universities, local chambers of commerce, and corporate accounting firms, add programs that will educate family business owners and managers on the importance of succession planning and the steps necessary for preparing a quality succession plan.

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It was based on these findings that the researcher recommended this study be replicated to determine if perceptions of FOB owners and managers regarding their agreement with successful succession items can be confirmed. In addition, structured qualitative studies should be conducted to understand the perceptions of why planning is important in family owned business and how and why it increases success.

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The literature review charts the evolution of Knowledge Management from when the phrase was first coined in through to what is considered to be the latest generation of Knowledge Management enabled by Social Software. The journey has not been an easy one with challenges along the way including confusing terminology, failing initiatives, and an over-emphasis on technology not entirely suited to the human endeavour that is knowing.

Technical succession planning as a knowledge retention strategy for knowledge organisations

However, the arrival of Social Software, or Web 2. This project was initially informed by interviews with recent appointees to their roles and a case study on the experience of one organisation in using a wiki to support knowledge management.

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A OneNote wiki hosted on Microsoft SharePoint was implemented and a group of 16 middle managers participated in the experiment to assess its potential as a repository to capture and share key knowledge about the organisation. The conclusions of the experiment include that succession planning is important for organisations to protect key knowledge and expertise; it is important to strike the right balance between people, process, and technology; use of overly academic or technical language should be avoided; the technology is no longer a major inhibitor; structures and rules should be in place so that only appropriate content is posted to a corporate wiki; for a wiki to be successful it needs to be relevant, have a purpose, and the content updated on an on-going basis; people are the most important dimension to succession planning and any knowledge-based endeavour.

Importance Of Succession Planning In Family Business

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