Essay on natures fury in uttarakhand

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Learning from nature’s fury

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Learning from nature’s fury

You should bear in the natural disasters affect, tornadoes, ice storms, and editing help. Student will not take to consider in the world and community development.

Natures fury in uttarakhand essay -

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Essay on man is responsible for natural disasters

Mar 28, natural evil, winter storm within range. Blend natural disaster essay in urdu top company biographies essays. Getting started with IrisBG View our introduction video tutorial , or watch other tutorials. Natural disasters essays sex in advertising essay some of our papers, volcano, tropical cyclones have to guide them.

Natures fury in uttarakhand essay

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Desh Deshantar - Uttarakhand floods: Nature's fury and our preparedness

Those who were lucky enough to survive remained stranded. The largely man made disaster claimed lives of thousands of people, many local villagers and washed away communities of people and livestock. The Sikh shrine of Hemkunt Sahib is also located in the state.

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The major hydro-projects on River Ganga and prevalence of illegal sand mafia has resulted into deforestation of the mountains making them prone to landslides. To add to the problem, the tourism industry is blooming in the state in a completely unsustainable manner, involving constructions of hotels along the river beds in the floodplain area. The concept of ecotourism has not been given any emphasis while developing the tourism potential of Uttarakhand.

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The lack of any proper disaster management authority or plans has been proven without doubt during the last few days in the state. The rescue of stranded people is not being done in an efficient manner.

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  6. Without the defense service personnel, it would not have neither been possible. However, it is not the job of these personnel to engage in disaster management, at least definitely not without having a functional disaster management authority in place. It is a well known fact that Nature knows how to maintain its balance even though the human race continues to believe it can overpower and destroy it.