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Apparently they have awarded 53 interest-free scholarships since What kind of essay are we talking about here? There is hereby created and established the Alabama Stonewall Jackson Memorial Fund, which fund is to be composed of the money hereinafter appropriated in this chapter, together with any accruals from the income from the fund or repayments thereto. The benefits of this fund shall accrue only to Alabamians. The Mississippi Stonewall Jackson Memorial Board shall be governed by a board of trustees, who shall serve without compensation.

The board of trustees shall be vested with the power to administer this section in its entirety and to establish the Mississippi Stonewall Jackson Memorial Fund.

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The Board of Trustees of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History may spend the interest derived from the Mississippi Stonewall Jackson Memorial Fund to support the programs and activities of the Junior Historical Society of Mississippi and thereby promote the study of Mississippi history. No part of the principal of such fund shall be disbursed for any purpose, and all grants to the Junior Historical Society shall be taken from the interest derived from investments only.

I would love to know how many black students have chosen to submit essays on this topic. So, why is this in the news? Well, you guessed it, some lawmakers in Alabama want to end the program.

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The arguments both for ending and continuing the program are pretty straightforward and follow the arguments related to just about every controversy related to our public memory of the Civil War. The landmark Supreme Court case of Brown v. Board of Education had been decided just months earlier. To what extent was this carried out in response to a perceived threat to a central pillar of southern life by the federal government? There would be no issue if this were a private endowment, but this program is state funded and lawmakers have the right and responsibility to challenge appropriations.

As for my own view of this issue it seems to be much to do about nothing. I lived and taught in Alabama for two years so I am well aware of the state of public education there. Black students can write about what Jackson teaches us about being a friendly slaveowner. You are an eloquent writer. Probably about the same percentage of blacks that have been awarded a scholarship from the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Fund. As far as Black Confederates, the African American community can deny all they wish that they did not exist, but history has and will always prove otherwise.

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Chris, — I agree with you that the percentage is probably comparable, but the UNCF is a private organization while the Jackson Fund was started by the state. Seems to me that this is an important distinction. As for black Confederates when you come across some serious scholarship on the issue let me know. Online articles written by ill-informed writers is not history. Yes, there have been a few publications over the years but, apart from one or two, they have said little in terms of any serious analysis of how the war altered the relationship between white and black southerners and slaves and slaveowners.

In other words, most writers proceed from a narrow conclusion and work their way back; they do this by utilizing any and all evidence that could somehow justify their claim such as pension records and stories handed down from one generation to another. MOST students there are black. The reason they were started I agree had purpose — years ago.

But today federal government money still funds these schools. For more information, contact the financial aid office at Carson-Newman College. Coca Cola Scholarship - www. College Scholarships — every college has its own listing of scholarships available to qualifying students. These are awarded through the college and Lee High is usually not included in this award. Communications Disorders Foundation of Virginia Scholarship — student must be hearing impaired; deadline is in May.

Lee-Jackson Educational Foundation Scholarship Competition

DAR Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarship—awarded and announced through local agency; others are available on the internet; various deadlines. Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship—available to a female who plans to enter the education field; Deadline in April; awarded based upon availability of funds. Ella G. Agnew Scholarship—for a student entering a medical profession; due May 1. Employer Scholarships—Parent and student employers sometimes have scholarships available. For instance, Food City, Verizon, many of the coal companies, and other employers have scholarships available.

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Granville P. Meade Scholarship - deadline is usually in March.

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  8. Harry F. Byrd Leadership Award — deadline is usually mid-November; essay required. Jack Kent Cook Foundation — awards scholarships to graduates; for more information search the www. No other information comes to Guidance; usually due in May. Keokee Alumni Association Scholarship — student or parent must have attended Keokee Elementary School; short essay required; deadline usually early May. Lee-Jackson Scholarship — essay required; deadline to have the application to Guidance is usually in January.

    Wallace Scholarship—any senior going into any field may apply; deadline May 1. MECC Scholarships, including AIMS scholars—given for GPA, particular courses taken during high school with no final average below C in those specified courses, and other factors determined by the college; students are considered for scholarships upon acceptance and attendance to the college; R. MECC also has an Americorps program which allows students to work and earn money for tuition. Mercedes-Benz Scholarship — student must be a first generation college student neither of your parents has a four-year degree ; Deadline is usually in February.

    National Commission for Cooperative Education Scholarship - www. Deadline is in February. Patrick Molony Scholarship — requires essay; student must be a dependent of Lee Regional Medical Center employee; deadline is in April. Deadline is May 1.

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    Robert Byrd Scholarship — deadline varies; usually in March. For more information, www. Slemp Foundation Scholarship — Deadline is usually October 15; Renewable; students may reapply each year while in college even if they are not awarded the scholarship initially; Ms. Parsons must complete a recommendation form for EVERY student; the deadline to have the form to her is one week prior to the Slemp deadline. Application available at www.

    Charles Elementary School; deadline is usually in May.

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    There are two different alumni associations that offer scholarships. One winner will be chosen every two weeks from October 30 through May The Grand Lodge, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, of Virginia renewable - application is submitted directly to the state organization and deadline is usually March; essay required. Thomas S. Ely American Legion Scholarship - the deadline is in April.