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The cognitive and reinforcement model focuses on the modification of consumer behaviour and thus may explain the change that may occur in their purchasing whilst few consumers purchases only particular goods from particular stores which is just like habitual purchasing behaviour. For instance in case of super market goods, important stimuli is the colour, size, and shape of the products William , who found that colour impacted the most then followed by size and shape of the product or packaging.

Engel, et al. The first Journal of Consumer Research was first published in The need for this broad description of consumer behaviour is because of the scope of the terminology Consumer Behaviour. The behaviour of the customers varies according to the industry and as well as to the external environment operating around them. Contradictorily it is difficult to govern or monitor the changes in customer behaviours. The more the study of consumers helps the marketers realize their customer behaviours and the influencing factors impacting them.

Furaiji, , An Empirical study of the factors influencing consumer behaviour, Vol. For instance the decision making process of customers have shortened due to the advent of the internet. Henceforth it is obligatory for the marketers to know their customer behaviours with an in deep understanding. Consumer behaviour is the study of individuals and groups, through which they design required processes and designs to satisfy their needs. By effectively studying consumer behaviour, firms can gain a competitive advantage over their competitors.

But the customer purchases the product based on price and availability of the product, whilst masking their original preference of taste and choice. The study of Consumer behaviour helps the marketing managers to design their marketing strategies and helps to enhance the retention of their existing consumers.

The study may also lead to new markets; studying different segments helps the managers to know varying tastes and preferences and work accordingly to produce the particular if it is not within their portfolio. Due to the advent of the internet, the percentage of the individuals aged in the Europe who make purchases online has raised over 24 per cent in and 30 per cent in E-commerce has said to be one of the fastest growing markets in Europe and United Kingdom.

A report by of com International, states that 8 out of ten UK and Europe customers use e-commerce for their purchases which can be through via internet or even through mobile phones. The technology innovation has cleared few barriers for customers like middlemen, brokering, and reduction in commission costs and more importantly the time frame involved in the purchase is less. A statistical bulletin from the office of National Statistics: Retail Sales August, also suggests that the e-commerce sector has become one of the booming industries in the market with increasing customer rates.

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The study was undertaken in September which covered the entire geographical areas of UK and the findings were;. As per the report, the food stores and textile clothing sector has increasing sales rate and has been contributing value to the business year by year. The theory of internet marketing and consumer behaviour has been investigated by various scholars from decades. They used certain variables to measure the behaviour of consumer in relation to the website elements like; customer satisfaction, loyalty towards the vendor site, and commitment.

According to the key facts provided by United States Central Bureau and International trade administration, the Chinese industry has been a major source of textile by producing tons of soot each year. When the textile retail firms adopted internet technology to sell their products, industry analysts doubted the success of a firm and effectiveness of the strategy, quite surprisingly the strategy was effective and efficient. The report for IMRG, the online shopping trade body stated that the clothes shopping over the internet had remained strong in the last year, whilst the other sectors have seen declining growth rates.

The need for describing individually is because the relativeness and scope of the topics.


Online marketing and customer behaviour are two distinct topics which requires in depth understanding when they are brought together to determine the implications on business and strategy. Customers when they make an online purchase they always tend to seek tangibility of the products; that is they like to touch and feel the product, contradictorily online purchases are the service which is due to the advent of the technology where there is no tangibility and as a fact a question of trust arises between the minds of customer before making a purchase.

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The main driver for consumer to make purchase decision depends on the brand. If the firm has a positive and strong brand in place, customers are ready to vest their time and effort to carry out the purchase. In contrast the current development signifies moving change in the mind-sets of the marketers. Nowadays marketers are focusing towards the social websites and are efficiently exploiting the opportunities provided by the internet. Facebook, Twitter and My space has provided a much required roofs for the firms to expose their products and attract the customers. Visual-focused social sites help special appeal to luxury marketers given their preferred content strategies and conversation tactics.

Another factor that has a major impact on customer behaviour is availability of information. Online stores need to provide all product information that is available for the consumers.

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Customer are expecting much more efficient and interactive. As in a clothing sector, customers cannot actually wear and check if it suits them as because they make a purchase online, yet they can see how it would fit on the models but not on them. To challenge this, www. The customers can insert their body measurements and the particular model measurements with respect to the customer measurements. This is what the customers are expecting and would radically influence on their behaviour too.

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A case study by Pretty Green revealed that it had increased customer purchases through online by adopting virtual fitting rooms. Ideally the customer is looking for some sort tangibility which needs not to be to high extent, but to a certain extent where actually he can experience a product. Certain customer often looks for the value from the product they purchase.

They shop online primarily to find the best deals on products they know they want and they expect a value for their unit they purchase, free shipping or a cash discount can work better for them. Trust as discussed earlier is what matters really in e-tail business. Innate trust refers to the tendency to trust others by having in m. The E-tail business has certain mechanisms to enhance and ensure the level of trust maintained. Security, Assurance, Reputation, Web searching, Fulfilment, Presentation, Technology and Interactions Yoon and these relatively has an impact on customer behaviour.

Customer prefers to buy from Next.

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  • The customer experiences high level of trust with them for these reasons. Regretting fact is that the technological innovation has led the development of numerous websites. The barriers set for online business is not a barrier anymore. Technological innovation has removed such barriers by reducing costs and time. There are numerous firms like Amazon. There is a high intensity of competition between each rival firm, but at the same time it has provided many alternatives and substitute products to the consumers. Many consumers may be brand and quality oriented whiles at the same certain customers intuitions are governed by price and dependability aspects.

    From the post-modernist view the marketers are at the end of survival in the e-tail business. Many researchers and scholars from decades are trying to provide a clear distinction about consumer behaviour, but have failed it to give them clearly as because the behaviour is not constant and keeps on changing. There are no more first mover advantages in the internet industry as because the every possible opportunity is exploited by one or the other which is explained in the Myth of first mover advantage in M.


    The marketers now have to focus on using the technology as their capital innovation. Move back to basics and doing same differently.

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    • Marketers may start thinking psychologically and apply those concepts to understand clearly about their customers. To provide better shop experience than traditional shopping experience it is obligatory for the business managers to either reframe their technical abilities or to radically create technical abilities and capabilities. According to Solomon, Blackwell et al. The generalized idea behind the consumer research was to finding out the buying reason of the customers and analyzing their purchasing patterns and most the obviously the motivation among the customers for buying products and services online.

      Consumer behavior is a dynamic process, because of the continuous changes in ideas, perceptions and activities of consumers as an individual or in a group Olson and Peter Consumers should be analyzed in a systematic process. All elements should be considered when deciding for marketing strategy.

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      When individuals or groups are exposed to stimuli, they have the image of objects, situations, people or experiences in their minds; like-wise every individual has own way of perceiving and understanding things in his own environment. Murali Guruswamy Author. Add to cart. Table of Contents 1. Introduction 1. Problem Discussion 1. Objectives of the study 2. Knowledge and Learning process 3.

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      Findings and Analysis 5. Personal Comments and Interview 6. So which platform should your business adopt? Should you base your choice on market analysis or budget limits?