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Rather, indicate the path you'll follow e. You essay must follow the structure found on the left. You can also download and use the graphic organizer found at the top of this page to help guide you in this process.

It is CRITICAL to skip lines to clearly indicate to the reader that you have an organized structure and that you are separating each part of your argument: After the introduction: skip lines Between each topic: skip 1 full line Before the conclusion: skip lines You can usually adapt one of the following structures to most essay questions.

The best plan -and also the most elaborate- is often the " typological plan " since it leads to a spatial differentiation and is usually supplemented by a map which illustrates the 3rd section of the essay geography is all about maps!

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Assessment Plan Thesis pros Antithesis cons Synthesis conclusion. Typological Plan Description Factors of change Spatial typology different types of regions, with a map if possible. Annotated maps and diagrams are expected for any essay-like or extended response and in the Fieldwork wherever appropriate : Paper 1 - Section B Paper 2 - Last question of each of the exercises Paper 3 - Part A and part B Fieldwork - Section 3 analysis and treatment of data.

Step 5: Brief introduction lines A good introduction must be brief and include the following 3 elements: Define the key words of the title e. Some of the knowledge questions and claims that might be considered during the geography course are identified below. Who decides how we classify knowledge?

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Why might it be useful to classify knowledge? To what extent are the methods of the human sciences scientific? How is statistical data used differently in different areas of knowledge? How reliable are the methods available for gathering demographic data on hundreds of millions of people?

How has ready access to vast amounts of information, and the way in which the internet has contributed to our shrinking world, changed our understanding of knowledge?

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Does language simply describe knowledge, or is it part of the knowledge itself? To what extent do maps reflect reality?

What are the hidden messages in maps and the stories behind the way maps are presented? Some geographical topics, such as climate change, are controversial. How does the scientific method attempt to address them? Are such topics always within the scope of the scientific method?

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What scientific or social factors might influence the study of a complex phenomenon such as global warming? An extended essay in geography is not an extension of the internal assessment task for the subject. Students must ensure that they understand the clear distinction between the internal assessment and the extended essay.

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While there is inevitably an overlap in the skills being developed, there are clear distinctions between the tasks and a different emphasis in terms of the sources and types of data used. An extended essay in geography provides the student with an opportunity to apply a range of geographic skills to complete an independent and in-depth research investigation using geographic concepts, methodologies, theories, and sources with a clear spatial emphasis. It is important that the topic of the essay is geographic and gives a clear indication of the nature of the research.

The essay topic may relate to an area of the Diploma Programme geography course, but this is not a requirement and other areas of the wider subject may be explored. The scope of the essay should not be too broad, as such essays are rarely successful.

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The research question should be single and focused, clearly stated and must be framed in question form. It is the task of the supervisor to ensure that the research question is relevant to the subject, leads the student along a path that utilizes appropriate geographic sources, and encourages the application of relevant subject concepts, theories or ideas. It is important that the geographic and theoretical context is well established early in the essay. Investigations carried out at a local scale usually meet the expectations of the higher bands of the markscheme.

This narrow focus discourages an over-reliance on published materials and encourages original research. It is rare for an essay that is based entirely on published texts to score highly. Investigations conducted in a location that is familiar and accessible to the student have a much greater chance of achieving success through more personal involvement, which in turn encourages greater in-depth research.

An important characteristic of the geography course is that students examine spatial interactions, possibilities and change in a contextual way.

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As a result of the knowledge and understanding students develop about issues through a geographic lens, they might be able to investigate, plan, act, reflect on and demonstrate CAS experiences in a more informed and meaningful way. The challenge and enjoyment of CAS experiences can often have a profound effect on geography students, who might choose, for example, to engage with CAS in the following ways. Take lessons in surfing, or another physical pursuit, while completing internal assessment fieldwork.