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Crew catalog before we went test-optional. A report released last month by William C. Hiss , a former dean of admissions at Bates College, and Valerie W. They reviewed 33 colleges and universities that did not require SAT or A. Specifically, they saw that students with good high-school grades did well in college, even if they had weak SAT scores.

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But students with weaker high-school grades — even with strong SATs — did less well in college. While more colleges are choosing to opt out of standardized testing, an estimated 80 percent of four-year colleges still require either SAT or A. Coleman said that many of the admissions officers he spoke with made it clear that they were uncomfortable being beholden to the test, at least to this test, but there was no consensus about what an exam that was fair and acceptable to all would look like.

Hard questions have always interested Coleman. During that time, he did pro bono work for school districts trying to improve performance, and in , he left McKinsey and helped create a company called the Grow Network, which focused on assisting students and parents, including non-English-speaking families, in navigating an educational system that was increasingly dictated by standardized tests.

His immersion in the world of standardized testing — talking to educators as well as students — convinced him that the standards those tests were supposedly measuring had to change. They were too vast and vague, and they produced textbooks that suffered from the same lack of purpose.

How to Write the SAT Essay

While at Partners, Coleman was integral in helping shape the Common Core, a set of academic standards that has subsequently been implemented in more than 40 states. When Coleman attended Stuyvesant High in Manhattan, he was a member of the championship debate team, and the urge to overpower with evidence — and his unwillingness to suffer fools — is right there on the surface when you talk with him.

His words, though, cemented his reputation among some as both insensitive and radical, the sort of self-righteous know-it-all who claimed to see something no one else did.

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  • The lessons he brought with him from thinking about the Common Core were evident — that American education needed to be more focused and less superficial, and that it should be possible to test the success of the newly defined standards through an exam that reflected the material being taught in the classroom.

    The question for Coleman was how to create an exam that served as an accurate measure of student achievement and college preparedness and that moved in the direction of the meritocratic goals it was originally intended to accomplish, rather than thwarting them. More than a year ago, Coleman and a team of College Board staff members and consultants began to try to do just that.

    Starting in late and continuing through the spring of , she and her team had extensive conversations with students, teachers, parents, counselors, admissions officers and college instructors, asking each group to tell them in detail what they wanted from the test. What they arrived at above all was that a test should reflect the most important skills that were imparted by the best teachers. Schmeiser explained that, for example, a good instructor would teach Martin Luther King Jr. Where was it given?

    SAT Essay Scores Explained

    The team then set about trying to create test questions that lent themselves to this more meaningful engagement. Schmeiser said that in the past, assembling the SAT focused on making sure the questions performed on technical grounds, meaning: Were they appropriately easy or difficult among a wide range of students, and were they free of bias when tested across ethnic, racial and religious subgroups?

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    • A simple way of achieving this, Coleman said, was to test the kind of obscure vocabulary words for which the SAT was famous or infamous. In redesigning the test, the College Board shifted its emphasis. It prioritized content, measuring each question against a set of specifications that reflect the kind of reading and math that students would encounter in college and their work lives. Schmeiser and others then spent much of early last year watching students as they answered a set of 20 or so problems, discussing the questions with the students afterward.

      What is a Good SAT Essay Score?

      When I met with Coleman in his office last month to talk about the remaking of the SAT, he periodically leapt from his chair when he became excited about an idea. He was unveiling, at least in broad strokes, the results of those many months of rethinking and testing. Starting in spring , students will take a new SAT — a three-hour exam scored on the old 1,point system, with an optional essay scored separately. Evidence-based reading and writing, he said, will replace the current sections on reading and writing.


      It will use as its source materials pieces of writing — from science articles to historical documents to literature excerpts — which research suggests are important for educated Americans to know and understand deeply. Coleman gave me what he said was a simplistic example of the kind of question that might be on this part of the exam.

      Students would read an excerpt from a speech by Representative Barbara Jordan of Texas, in which she said the impeachment of Nixon would divide people into two parties. This sort of vocabulary question would replace the more esoteric version on the current SAT. Instead of encouraging students to memorize flashcards, the test should promote the idea that they must read widely throughout their high-school years.

      By , there will be a computerized version of the SAT, and students may someday search the text and highlight the lines on the screen. Students will also be asked to examine both text and data, including identifying and correcting inconsistencies between the two. No longer will it be good enough to focus on tricks and trying to eliminate answer choices. We are not interested in students just picking an answer, but justifying their answers. Write an essay in which you explain how the author builds an argument to persuade an audience.

      Coleman conceded that some might treat the news that they were shifting away from more obscure math problems to these fewer fundamental skills as a dumbing-down the test, but he was adamant that this was not the case. Before the talk, he met with William Fitzsimmons, the longtime dean of admissions and financial aid at Harvard and the primary author of the Nacac commission report. Or ability, whatever that might mean.

      What this is is a clear message that good hard work is going to pay off and achievement is going to pay off. He was still troubled by the inequalities in education opportunity and believed that the College Board should play a role in ameliorating them. Kennedy School of Government, who had been studying what is sometimes called undermatching — the tendency of poor students to pick a school that is closer to home and less rigorous, in spite of evidence that they could succeed elsewhere. Yet despite the offer, enrollment numbers for those students remained stubbornly low.

      When Hoxby began to research the issue , she hypothesized that there was a large population of high-achieving, low-income students yet to be identified. She and Avery began working with the College Board and the A. By piecing together data from census reports, I. When they tracked where those kids applied to school, they found a number that would later shock Coleman. Hoxby and Sarah Turner, an economics professor at the University of Virginia, tested whether they could change enrollment patterns. In many cases these students would be able to see that they could get a better deal financially at more highly selective schools that wanted to attract them.

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      When Coleman became College Board president, he was briefed on the supporting role the board had played to date. Ultimately the board mailed out nearly , packets to top-performing and college-ready students. The packets included four or more application waivers to allow students to apply immediately to any of the more than 2, schools that agreed to participate in the program. What Coleman found exciting about the intervention was its use of the standardized tests as a way to reach students who would otherwise not apply to the kinds of colleges that they might assume were out of reach.

      SAT Result and Score Card 12222 | What is Good SAT Score?

      It transformed an exam that most thought of as a burden — and many low-income students opted not to take at all — into an opportunity. For all the good intentions and all the evidence-based ideas brought to bear by Coleman and his colleagues over the past year and a half, there is still a chasm between the educational experiences of children at good schools in wealthier districts and those in lower-income areas. We actually have this handy dandy score calculator where you can plug in your raw scores to figure out your section scores.

      You can also check out our ACT Raw Score Conversation Chart for a sense of how many questions you need to answer correctly to get a certain scaled score. To make your composite , or overall, score, the test maker then averages your four scores on all sections. This is also scored using the ACT scale.

      So what is a good ACT composite score? Many factors will help you determine what a good ACT composite score is for you. But before we get into that, know that the composite score is not the only score that matters! The ACT score report will provide you even more information about your test-taking experience in the form of subscores.

      The Reading , Writing, and Math sections also have categories with their own score ranges, as noted in the table below:. Or, rather, percentile s. Your ACT percentiles compare your scores to the scores of other test-takers. If you scored in the 50th percentile, you scored better than half of your peers. The ACT, like its cousin the SAT, is a standardized test meant to measure both knowledge gained in high school and potential to succeed in a college setting. The higher the score, the more likely you will get into the colleges of your choice.

      SAT Essay Scores Explained - Compass Education Group

      A passing score on the ACT for someone else might not be a passing score for you and vice versa. Furthermore, while most schools care about the composite score, some will look specifically for your subject area scores. Objectively speaking, a score of 32 or higher would put you in a competitive position for any school that you choose apply to. But unless you want to go to super-elite schools, you might find it more useful to focus on your GPA and extracurriculars than aiming for the max ACT score.

      Please note that the numbers on the following ACT scoring chart are loose projections—as I mentioned earlier, a lot of factors affect how high of a score you need to achieve. ACT students with lower scores may still get into their dream schools and students with top ACT scores may not.