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The results were presented using descriptive and inferential statistics and were analyzed using the lens of activity theory. In terms of technology readiness, despite a high level of ownership and reasonable compliance with application requirements, data costs remain prohibitive. In assessing operational readiness, despite a positive attitude, the majority of the students require awareness, ongoing support and training.

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Several recommendations based on the findings are offered. For example, one of the findings showed that mobile connectivity affordability was low amongst students and it is recommended that the HEI work around exorbitant connectivity costs by combining m-learning technologies to form meaningful m-learning approaches at a minimum v cost. Another finding showed low awareness of m-learning at the HEI. A recommendation advanced to combat this finding is for the HEI to encourage and support dialogue among key stakeholders. This study concludes that any m-learning endeavour to implement m-learning at this HEI is bound to fail as only a small percentage of students are aware of m-learning and can afford data bundles to implement m-learning in its true sense.

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Related items Showing items related by title, author, creator and subject. Perlman, Leon Joseph The thesis deals with the emergence of bank and non-bank entities that provide a range of unique transaction-based payment services broadly called Mobile Financial Services MFS to unbanked, underserved and underbanked Mhlongo, Kulani Morgan With mobile phones almost being ubiquitous in most communities, the electronic payment industry has realised the potential of using mobile phones as devices that can be used to conduct electronic payments.

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This realisation This paper explores the various ways in which mobile marketing communications are available to the youth on a very popular South African mobile social network site known as MXit. The popularity of cellular phones has Login Register. Interview data were collected from 5 of the 19 who were randomly selected for interviews. Findings revealed teachers reported more confidence in areas that they can control, which were instructional strategies and classroom management, and less confidence in student engagement, which although teachers may be able to influence, the students themselves are the determining factor rather than the teacher.

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Results of open-ended questions and interviews suggest the most beneficial PD components were learning how to teach with the blended learning software and how to differentiate instructional strategies, whereas participants also revealed that more face-to-face time might be beneficial to raise teacher self-efficacy to teach in a blended environment.

This study has implications not only for the school district involved in the study, but also for other schools wishing to implement a more personalized approach to instructional strategies through a blended learning curriculum. Future research could involve a larger and more diverse group of participants and showcase secondary schools implementing a successful blended learning program.

Many of those incarcerated have less education than their general population counterparts.

Correctional education programs have a proven ability to reduce incarceration and recidivism rates by helping rehabilitate people. Current research on incarcerated students primarily focuses on the external benefits of correctional education programs such as recidivism. The study particularly investigated students at a Louisiana correctional institution. A qualitative case study methodology was utilized to examine the lived experiences of seven incarcerated students who participated in semi-structured interviews, which were analyzed using thematic content analysis.

The study found that several barriers prevented students from earning a high school diploma prior to incarceration. Findings of the study indicated ways in which incarcerated students are motivated to participate in correctional education programs. Findings in this study will have implications for practice and policy by providing an understanding of the issues incarcerated students encounter.

Recommendations for future studies were made based on outcomes of the study and address ways in which research could be expanded to address the existing knowledge gap regarding incarcerated student perspectives. The study utilized archival data from 1, undergraduate students using a cohort-based, nonequivalent groups post-tests design. Results from the study found that full- and part-time students who participated in academic coaching had significant GPA increases, were more likely to earn at least a 2.

Implications are discussed for higher education staff and administration working with academically vulnerable populations and for the counseling community. Considerations for future research and limitations are also provided.

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  8. However, it is unknown if using simulated patients during instruction yields better outcomes than the traditional use of peer role-play. This two-arm randomized, experimental design investigated the effect of type of simulation-based instruction, simulated patients compared to peer role-play, on clinical reasoning and confidence of students enrolled in an entry-level physical therapy education program learning patient transfer skills.

    This study provides evidence that peer role-play can be just as effective in improving physical therapist student clinical reasoning and confidence outcomes compared to using simulated patients when instructing patient transfer skills.

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    Therefore, the purpose of this study was to examine the academic and sport experiences of self-identified lesbian Division I student-athletes in the United States. In addition, the study aimed to understand how resources and strategies used by lesbian Division I student-athletes helped to establish or increase the level of comfortability and inclusivity within both environments. The research questions that guided this study were: 1 How do self-identified lesbian Division I student-athletes experience their higher education academic environment? These themes encapsulated the full range of experiences in academic i.

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    The experiences of the participants provided implications for practice so as to further establish and sustain environments of acceptance and respect so inclusion is the norm, not the exception. These recommendations for resource development continues the aim to make Division I intercollegiate athletics a growingly accepting and respectful place for lesbian student-athletes to thrive academically and athletically.

    Participants included 74 seventh grade students at two middle schools, who participated in social studies instruction using either the traditional lecture method or a virtual reality system. The virtual reality system used in this study was the Google Expeditions Virtual Reality System using smartphone technology and iBlue viewfinders. Before and after instruction was provided, participants were assessed using the Instructional Materials Motivation Survey IMMS and teacher created assessments.

    The results of the two one-way ANCOVAs demonstrated that students who used virtual reality scored significantly higher than students participating in traditional instruction on both their academic achievement and motivation.

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