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However, industrial organizations still use the SCP approach for analysis and as a tool in policy formulation. The SCP paradigm remains to be a basic tool used by industrial organizations in competition analysis. Structure is defined as the components and characteristics of the various markets and industries in an economy. Structure also involves the different sectors of the economy. In the SCP approach, structure is described as the characteristics and relevance of individual markets operating within the economy Papatheodorou, It provides a description of the environment in which organizations operate within a specific market.

The said structure can be identified by considering the size and number of buyers and sellers in the market.

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The structure can also be identified based on product differentiation, market barriers and the extent of integration or diversification of firms. Conduct in the SCP approach involves all actions and behaviour of organizations regarding the decisions being taken and the reasons behind them.

Conduct focuses on how organizations set prices. Organizations will have to determine whether these prices are in collusion with other firms in the market Perloff et. Industrial economists are concerned with the performance of organizations. Firms should be able to identify whether their activities and operations will improve economic welfare.

Firms should also satisfy and meet customer demands within a specific period.

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The SCP approach helps organizations analyse whether their processes and products are produced efficiently. Organizations should determine whether the allocation of resources is efficient and effective. The right approach is not to waste resources and produce the right products in just the right quantities. In the current market, consumer tastes do not change that much. Producers and consumers are said to be perfectly informed. Because of the market conditions, the economic welfare can be maximized using the Pareto analysis in which marginal conditions are expected to be fulfilled.

Under marginal conditions, firms are expected to set prices so that they will be equivalent to marginal cost. Using the neoclassical perfect competition model, firms can maximize their profits by ensuring that price will equal marginal cost.

The SCP approach states that performance should be determined by the conduct of organizations. This conduct is then determined by the characteristics of market structures. The relationships between structure, conduct and performance will then match the models of monopoly, perfect competition, oligopoly and monopolistic competition. This kind of approach provides clear guidelines to firms regarding policymaking decisions.

The performance of the firm can be further improved by taking actions that are designed to influence the current structures of a specific market. In most cases, performance can be predicted by considering structural conditions of the market. Such conditions can provide sufficient information and predict how organizations should behave. Ignoring conduct in all market conditions can lead to misleading predictions in markets operating under oligopoly.

However, modern economists no longer believe that structures determine the performance of firms Papatheodorou, Still, they accept the idea that market structures are important for firms to not behave competitively. The traditional SCP paradigm has two main aspects.

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The first involves firms obtaining measurements of performance. This can be done by getting a direct measurement rather than just an estimate. The second aspect involves economists using observations gathered from across industries. This is done to create a regression of performance measures on various structures to be used in explaining market performance differences between industries Papatheodorou, The measures of market performance can determine whether market power operates in an industry.

Measurements of direct or indirect profit are indicators of the performance of an industry against competitive benchmarks.

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Some of these measurements are rate of return and price-cost margin. To determine how performance is different from structure, industrial economists will need to know the measures of market structure. One common measure of market structure is firm size distribution. This is concerned with the most important issue involving market structure. The relative size and number of firms are indicators of market structure. Organizations will exert more market power when there are few firms in the market. SCP studies have ignored the issue regarding exogenous measures relating to market structure.

Common concentration measures are not considered as exogenous measures.

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Another serious issue in relation to this type of measure for market structure is bias. Most concentration measures are said to be biased due to improper descriptions in the market. Domestic concentration measures may not be significant measures of market power in such international industries. The Chicago School Critique.

The Chicago School is a school of free-market economics. Unlike the Harvard University which was where the SCP paradigm originated, the foundations for competition analysis were based on the theoretical model of neoclassical theory rather than on empirical studies Cseres, The Chicago School believed in the establishment of anti-trust laws. Economic efficiency should be the exclusive goal. Economic efficiency has two parts namely productive efficiency and allocated efficiency. The Chicago School also believe that most markets are competitive in nature. Even if some markets have a few sellers, the market remains competitive.

Product differentiation is less likely to undermine competition. Product differentiation and high market concentration do not contribute to anti-competitive issues Perloff et al. The critique of the Chicago School was based on two grounds. One is that government intervention depends on the loosely demonstrated failures of market.

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