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Recent themes have included: Foreign? Ordering the journal Order the journal online with The Coop or directly through the UWA e-shop We wish to remind our readers and contributors that, as from Issue 45 , the journal has been made available on the e-Informit database free of charge for e-Informit members online, and via Proquest from issue 50 onwards.

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Contributions Email articles to: Essays in French Literature and Culture Guidelines for contributors Follow these guidelines when submitting articles for publication. Publication ethics and malpractice statement The University of Western Australia is committed to ensuring that all works published in our journals are of the highest quality and scrutinised under the highest ethical standards. The person reporting the ethical breach must provide sufficient evidence in order for an investigation to be undertaken and to avoid claims of defamation.

All allegations are treated equally and taken seriously until a conclusion has been reached. Consequences depending on seriousness of breach: Inform the author or reviewer of the breach in misconduct in cases where there seems to be a misunderstanding of ethical standards.

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Reporting the misconduct to a regulatory association for review and action. Manuscripts in languages other than English must be accompanied by a detailed summary in English generally of 1,—1, words and must be translated into English if they are recommended to the Editorial Board.

Translations should accompany all foreign language quotations. PMLA does not publish book reviews or new works of fiction.

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Submissions should be broadly of interest to those concerned with the study of language and literature. PMLA publishes the best of its kind. Works that demonstrate egregious signs of poor quality e.

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MLA style. The MLA urges its contributors to be sensitive to the social implications of language and to seek wording free of discriminatory overtones. Cover sheet. If the contribution includes any materials e. Submissions should be sent electronically to pmlasubmissions mla. Each article submitted and eligible for peer review is sent to at least two reviewers.

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Articles recommended by these readers are then sent to the members of the Editorial Board, who meet periodically with the editor to make final decisions. For detailed information on the review process for submitted essays, please send an inquiry to pmlasubmissions mla. From time to time the Editorial Board invites essays on special topics designed to attract a wide readership. These groupings allow dialogue among essays and encourage in-depth investigation of the selected subjects.

At least one coordinator is chosen to assist in the preparation of each special topic. Suggestions for future topics are always welcome. College Literature has a policy of anonymous peer review.

Essays & Studies

The journal does not accept simultaneous submissions, and all submissions must be original and unpublished work. Please ensure that neither your name nor any identifying reference appears anywhere in the manuscript. Any necessary reference to your previous work should be in the third person. You are asked to use our Style Sheet in preparing your manuscript for submission, which can be downloaded here.

Please do not use the endnote function of MS Word: instead include your endnotes as regular text at the end of your document and indicate their placement in the text with superscript numerals. Submit your essay through ScholarOne at this link: ScholarOne If you are new to ScholarOne, you will be prompted to establish an account.