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A recent run of important historical studies have set themselves against the view of the antebellum South as a place apart, self-destructively devoted to its peculiar institution. Instead, they show, the South was essential to the development of global capitalism, and the rest of the country along with much of the world was deeply implicated in Southern slavery.

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Slavery was what made the United States an economic power. It also served as a malign innovation lab for influential new techniques in finance, management, and technology. The mills of Manchester and Liverpool were built to turn Southern cotton into clothing, which meant that slavery was essential to the industrial revolution. This meant that American liberalism had a lot of the South in it. Once those laws had passed, the South became for the Republican Party what it had previously been for the Democratic Party, the essential core of a national coalition.

How can the South be so American if it feels and smells, and sounds, and looks so Southern? During the same period, white Southern novelists produced their own body of work that trafficked in Southern dispossession and dysfunction. The genre in which he is working naturally organizes itself into vignettes rendered with a primary focus on literary artistry, rather than analysis, so he never has to state a full-dress argument, or even say exactly what he was looking for in those four long driving tours.

The South remains more rural than the Northeast, but by now, as in the rest of the country, most people live in metropolitan areas. I kept to the Lowcountry, the Black Belt, the Delta, the backwoods, the flyspeck towns. That makes them easier to portray vividly. But Theroux is left trying to evoke the fastest-growing region of the country, where a hundred and twenty million people live, by taking us to a series of poor, deep-rural, depopulated places, like Hale County, Alabama; the Mississippi Delta; and the Ozarks, where the main noticeable changes in the past few decades are outsourcing and the advent of Gujarati Indians as motel owners.

The people he visits are older, settled. Many of them either work in or are clients of social-service and community-development agencies.

More are white than are black. At seventy-four, he finds himself contemplating the past more than the future, and wonders whether the onrushing world has left him behind. Where better to entertain such thoughts than in Allendale, South Carolina, a ghostly town bypassed by the interstate-highway system?

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But this turn of mind leads him inexorably to an implied theory of the South as, indeed, a region radically apart. Even if you believe the South is that separate from the rest of the country, you might still, if you look hard enough, detect tendrils of Southern influence that extend past the Mason-Dixon Line.

Race provides the obvious example. The slave states developed an elaborate and distinctively American binary racial system, in which everybody across a wide range of European origins was put into one category, white, and everybody across a wide range of African origins including those with more white forebears than black forebears was put into another category, black. These tendentious categories have been nationalized for so long that they seem natural to nearly all Americans.

The Civil War was Not for Slavery

You are bound to fail. Unquestionably, the war was won. Even after wisely gaining victory over the British during the revolutionary war, problems for America did not stop, the biggest issue of rising sectionalism was yet to be solved.

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This time the conflict was not with any foreign power, but it was between the northern and southern American states. The South was destined for defeat due to insufficient resources to compete with the.

Civil War Facts

The book Why the North Won the Civil War outlines five of the most agreed upon causes of Southern defeat, each written by a highly esteemed American historian. The author of each essay does acknowledge and discuss the views of the other authors. However, each author also goes on to explain their botheration and disagreement with their opposition. The purpose. Trying to receive the favor of the South while winning in the North would require Lincoln to take neutral stands in heated political issues like slavery.

American Civil War was arguably the most important war in the history of the country. I agree with the idea that the North had won the Civil War before it began to the extent of Lincoln 's conservative political stands.

Why The North Won the Civil War Essay

It wasn 't really wan by the North until he broke away from these stands to enact the Emancipation Proclamation and turn the tides of war in favor of the North. Why the American Civil War lasted for longer than 90 days The North had expected their war with the south to last for no more than 90 days. Even Southerners who owned no slaves opposed threatened Federal coercion.

The result was a costly and bloody civil war. Almost as many Americans were killed in the Civil War as in all the nation's other wars combined. After four years of fighting, the Union was restored through the force of arms. The problems of reconstructing the Union were just as difficult as fighting the war had been.

Because most of the war was fought in the South, the region was devastated physically and economically. Helping freedmen ex-slaves and creating state governments loyal to the Union also presented difficult problems that would take years to resolve.

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